So often people say “Expectation is the root of disappointment“. This can’t be true. We, as human beings, expect to be rewarded for our good efforts.

As we develop relationships (romantic or friendly) it’s natural to want to do anything in your power to make your friend/lover happy. Many sacrifices are made and it’s natural to want the same in return. How does a relationship grow if nothing is ever required from the people involved?

Do you have that friend that only calls you when they need you?…or something? How do you feel when you get that call?
There’s no way that any relationship can thrive after you’ve communicated to someone that your relationship is a one-way street. How long do you allow yourself to be used? Better yet, how do you feel in the moments when you need them and they’re nowhere to be found?

Have you (or someone you know) been in a relationship with a person that does absolutely nothing for you? You invest your time, energy, money and effort into someone that doesn’t care to do anything but let you.

The hurt that you feel in these situations is not caused my expectation. You’re hurt because you’re realizing that a person that you would go to the end of the earth for won’t do the same for you. Now, it is definitely true that people show their love in different ways but NO ONE shows love by doing NOTHING.
Their actions disappoint you.
Their intentions disappoint you.
Not the fact that you ‘expected’ from someone that you care so much for and have invested so much in.

“Expectation is the root of disappointment.”
What are your thoughts?